Svaneti 10 Days Trekking Tour (Start Tbilisi)

10 days


Situated in the north of the country Svaneti is bordered by both Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Bakaria in the Russian Federation. It is home to some of the highest mountains in the Caucasus.  This historical region is brimming with ancient villages and the locals known as Svans have largely retained their culture and heritage for centuries. Characteristic of this region are the Svan towers (koshki) built in the medieval period to act as defense and signal towers against invading armies. Trek through the beautiful mountains to explore the medieval towers and Churches of Svaneti, be awed by some of the highest peaks in Europe and prepare to be immersed in local mountain culture. 

  • Trek to Ushba Waterfall at the foot of Mt Ushba, standing at 4700m.
  • Discover ancient defense towers and villages with churches dating back to the 9th Century.
  • Trek through alpine pastures, villages and valleys in the shadow of 4-5000 meter plus mountains.
  • Visit Mestia’s ethnographic museum and discover the treasures and artifacts of this ancient people.  
  • Trek to 2070m to the stunning Chalaadi Glacier. 
  • Be awestruck by the sights of Mt. Shkhara (5068m) and Mt. Tetrnuldi (4617m).

Our guides will meet you in Tbilisi International Airport

  • Transportation: 2 x airport transfers
  • Transportation: by 4x4 (support vehicle) during the tour
  • Accommodation: All included, as in itinerary.
  • English-speaking professional guide as per program
  • Entrance fees to the museums and historical sites:
  • Meals: as in itinerary.
  • Flights
  • Medical insurance, (mandatory)
  • Alcoholic beverages

Day 1: Transfer from Tbilisi to Becho, Svaneti

Transfer to Svaneti. En route we visit Enguri Dam with a height of 271 meters (the highest dam of this type in the world). The Dam forms a water-storage reservoir in the picturesque gorges of Samegrelo and Svaneti’s mountains. It's time to get ready for the most exciting part of the trip - a journey in Svaneti, a region with the highest mountains and glaciers and the most abiding ancient traditions.

Overnight guesthouse in Becho

Lunch and Dinner.

Shared facilities


Day 2: Trek to Ushba Glacier

In the morning we start our trek from the guesthouse through woods to the foot of Mt. Ushba at (4700m). A beautiful trek will bring us to the waterfalls and we can enjoy the spectacular view of Ushba glacier. The first 2 hours is comparatively easy, but the next 3 hours gets a bit harder. On our way back we meet our local transport near a bridge and return to the guesthouse.

Overnight guesthouse in Becho

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Shared facilities

Military Base ↑↓ 400m, (walking time 4 hours) 12 km

1st Waterfall ↑↓ 650 m (walking time 5 hours) 16 km



Day 3: Becho, Mestia , Chalaadi , Mestia

In the morning we transfer to Mestia (1 hour) and start with a visit to Mestia’s ethnographic museum and old watch towers. After this we drive (20min) to Lavladashi and trek to Chalaadi Glacier. We follow beautiful valleys and trek through lush forests before we get a glimpse of the glacier. Then we trek up to an altitude of 2070m. Trek down to a foot bridge over Mestiachala, from here we take our transport back to Mestia.

Walking distance 12 km

 ↑↓500m (waking time 5 hours)

Overnight in Mestia

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Privet toilet and shower in rooms.


Day 4: Trekking from Mestia to Jabeshi

The trail starts at an elevation of 1500m above the sea level, the maximum elevation is 1900m and ends at 1600m.

Total distance 14 km. Time needed 6-8 hours. Through alpine meadows and along rough jeep tracks following Jabeshi starts a hard climb up toward Adishi.  

Overnight in guesthouse in Jabeshi

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included

Shared facilities


Day 5: Trek from Jabeshi to Adishi

The ancient village of Adishi is located several kilometers away from Ipari under Mount Tetnuldi. The village has four churches: the Church of Christ, the Church of the Archangel, and two churches of Saint George. The Church of Christ held icons from the 11th-14th centuries (now stored at a museum), as well as a manuscript of Shatberdi dating back to 897, which includes detailed artwork known as the four chapter book of Adishi.

The trail leads from the valley Mulakhura to Adishischala.   Trail ends at elevation 2100m. 

Total distance: 10 km

Duration:  6-7 Hours


Start 1650m

Highest point: 2500m

End: 2080m

Overnight in Adishi

Breakfast, lunch and Dinner

Shared facilities


Day 6: Adishi - Iparali

Start trekking to the village of Ipari. The biggest and most decorated church in this community is the Nakipari Church, built in the 10th century. Theodore, King David the Builder’s painter, painted artwork in this church. The church also contains an 11th century icon of Saint George carved in gold and silver.

Total Distance: 14 km

Duration: 6-8 hours  


Start: 2080m

Highest point: 2722 m

End: 1950m

Overnight in Iprali

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Shared facilities


Day 7: Iprali- Ushguli. Transfer to Ushguli by vehicle

Ushguli’s medieval constructions are under the protection of UNESCO. A historical settlement located in the very East of Svaneti, Ushguli is one of the highest settlements in Europe (2,000-2,200m above sea level). It was part of the so-called “Free Svaneti” as for centuries the people here defended the region against numerous attacks. The Church of Saint Mary is located on one of the highest points in Ushguli and it is also the home to the remnants of one of the most ancient fortresses of Svaneti with 37 towers, dating back to the reign of Queen Tamar. The views and surrounding landscape are stunning.  

We have a superb trek in the afternoon which takes us through the mountains to Shkhara Glacier where the Enguri River starts. After which we return to Ushguli.

↑↓300m (5-6 hrs)

Overnight in Ushguli

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Private facilities


Day 8: Trek to Mount Guri

We leave the village Ushguli and continue towards Mount Guri (2970 m). We walk on a serpentine slope and then the path disappears. The last 50 meters are the most difficult to climb but when we reached the top the views are stunning. If the weather allows, we will have the chance to see not only the village of Ushguli (which actually consists of 3 small villages) and is listed by UNESCO but also the tops of Mt. Shkhara (5068m) and Mt. Tetrnuldi (4617m). After which we transfer back to Mestia. In the evening we relax with an evening meal at a traditional local restaurant in Mestia with folk music and traditional Svan dancing to entertain us.

Total distance: 10km
↑ ↓ 800m. (Walking time: 4-5 hours)

Overnight in Mestia

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Private facilities


Day 9: Transfer back to Tbilisi via Gori and the Stalin Museum

In the evening we enjoy a farewell dinner in the form of a traditional Georgian Supra.

Overnight Hotel in Tbilisi

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Day 10: Transfer to the airport