One of the most interesting parts of a job in the adventure tourism industry, in The Republic of Georgia, is been able to get out into the Caucasus mountains with a map, a compass (Okay… and a GPS!), a back pack and head into some unknown part of a region trying to find new trails for mountain biking and trekking...

The Mogzauri Rent Team just returned from a late-winter expedition to Svaneti, an isolated, high-elevation region located in Northwest Georgia. Our mission was to scout out the best new ski touring routes in this spectacular part of the world. We succeeded in our goal and had a blast doing so.  Here is a quick recap of some of the highlights.

The following morning after a Georgian feast, plenty of wine and a good night’s rest, some of the group took a walk up to the ancient fortifications before we set off to our next start point. This is where we’d planned to follow a route along a ridge at 3000 meters before dropping into the next valley. We had woken that morning to heavy rain and low clouds, taking a look at the ridge which should have been visible from Omalo we could see it was completely covered in cloud and mist, it didn’t look promising.